Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Rehearsing my dissertation defense (for severe cases of insomnia)

After officially registering his dissertation, the Vintage Rocker has a tentative date for defending it (the 9th of February 2016), so I'm currently busy tidying it up, giving the finishing touches to the main argument (a friend recently told me that this kind of literary work in general is never given birth, but aborted at some point) and have started to rehearse it.

I'll share a rough cut of how the defense will develop in this blog, serialized according to the following structure:

  • 1st session: introductory remarks (what I understand as dominant reason, main features of desiderative reason, darwinian selection as the main mechanism that explain its evolution)
  • 2nd session: Hume and the articulation of Economic Reason
  • 3rd session: Freud and the transition from Bureaucratic to Desiderative Reason
  • 4th session: Historical perspective, evolution of the five dimensions of socioeconomic order and their accompanying rationalities, towards an overcoming of desiderative reason
Many of the ideas and arguments will sound familiar to regular readers, so don't expect neither earth-shattering revelations nor highly cinematic climaxes (I'm no Quentin Tarantino), as all the equipment I have is an old camera and my trusty training site (of green wall fame, may be I could learn to edit video and put some dramatic background to illustrate the different periods).

The first session I've recorded has been a bit problematic, as each should last for about ten minutes, but I left my verbosity took the best part of my, and ended babbling a bit ramblingly for almost half an hour. However, in the interest of science, I'm publishing it. As the title suggest, it's specially indicated for cases of severe insomnia...)

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