Saturday, January 3, 2015

End of 2014 in powerlifting

I finally could complete my fake meet (although it took me two days, which makes it less representative of a real competition), so I can finally consider 2014 closed. Ended with a new total of 515, and PR's in all the lifts. For comparison's sake, and to present a nice summary of my progress in the full year, this is how my 1RM looked like in each lift:

                                  End 2014                     End 2015

Squat                         160 kg                          170 kg
Bench Press               117,5 kg                       125 kg
Deadlift                      205 kg (*)                     220 kg

(*) at the very end of the year finished a lift w 212,5, but it was a slow grind multi-hitched monstrosity I think not even the most lenient fed would have white lighted... the real "legal" max that year was, being honest, 205

¿How did it look like? Those are the vids of the max squat and DL and a warm up BP (sorry, no vid of the max  BP, done two weeks earlier):

Pretty happy, will be posting more details of how it felt, what I think worked well to get there and what I'll be changing in 2015 to keep progressing at a similar pace (which, given the iron law of diminishing returns, will be a pretty tall order). To everybody that has been following, thanks for the encouragement, and here is to a 2015 similarly full of successes and accomplishments!

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