Thursday, December 4, 2014

Just for fun... a little Bench Press PR!

Today I broke my all time PR in the bench press with a nifty 122,5 kg (previous one, set on January this same year, was 120 kg, and I have failed twice at 125 since then, first in my fake meet on April, and more recently in the powerlifting seminar I attended four weeks ago).

Not that I can proudly point out what a beast I am, as it is not such a big weight, but going beyond 120 had been a really sought after target of mine, and it seems it has taken me forever to reach it! I find it remarkable, also, that I have done it in the midst of an accumulation cycle, and after a year of almost no bench pressing, in which I just kept frequent dipping (both weighted and unweighted) to avoid loosing pressing power in pecs & tris. The next two weeks are for intensification (triples and singles), and I won't likely go above 120 again until new year's eve (or my birthday, depending on how I feel after lunch with the family and driving 460 km from Campoamor), limiting myself to some submaximal work.

However, after today's little feat I'm confident I'll be good to go for 127,5, and maybe even 130, which would be a truly significant milestone, as that's the goal I set for this 2014 exactly a year ago, and it would be the first time I meet my BP programming yearly goal. But let's not sell the bear's pelt before we have actually hunted the bear down

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