Monday, July 21, 2014

Latest toy

This weekend I finally could unpack (and move to the dungeon) my latest toy: a beatufil pair of farmer's walk handles bought in StrengthShop (which btw allowed me to experience again their superb customer service, and super reduced delivery time, great job again, mates).

These are the handles already in the gym:

I took them for a walk on Saturday (with the invaluable help of my youngest one, which came with me from home and stayed gently out of the way, cheering all along) for four walks in the alley in front of the dungeon (aprox. 30 meters long), loaded with a couple plates apiece (which makes it about 46 kg per hand, about 100 pounds), and it felt great (almost too easy). Now to load them gradually I have a problem, as anything that goes in 'em requires 4 units, so I can only add another four plates (86 kg per piece) which sounds a tad too much (maybe I give it a try w straps, as if not I guess the grip would give way after a few secons).

So next steps, increase the sets (number of 30 m walks), and in the meatime order a couple more 10 kg plates, and a couple more 5 kg plates for good measure!

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